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need affordable wheels for 65 coupe

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looking for a set of affordable wheels for my 65 mustang coupe. not looking to get really fancy brand name. just a set of cheaper decent looking rims. prefer 15-17 inch. prefer chrome or black and chrome. anyone have any for sale or know of a good wheel brand and model that would look good?
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American Racing 1055765 - American Racing Torq-Thrust D Gray Wheels - Overview -

Mag 500s:
Wheel Vintiques 54-5712044 - Wheel Vintiques 54 Series Magnum 500 Chrome Wheels - Overview -

The Mag 500s are $30 cheaper per corner. The Torq-Thrusts definitely make a bit of a different statement than the Mag 500s in my opinion.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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