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Can anyone tell me what the correct driveshaft markings are for my 1965 "C" code fastback? What color are the markings and what is the placement? It is an early 65 with a build date of Sept 21st 1964. Vin is 5F09C293580 and it is a C4 automatic with 2.80 differential. I need this information as fast as possible since my driveshaft is currently in the shop. They have agreed to throw it on the spin machine and let me put the markings on.

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Jeff S. usually can help with this, but remember that there were 3 plants making mustangs in 65 and not all used the same markings.
also, throw in all the different engine/trans configurations and you have at least a half dozen possibilities for each year.

also, you can easily put the markings on later if you have to. normally, what we do is jack the car up and spin the rear wheels with the car in gear and hold a paintbrush to the driveshaft.

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