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I bought the rebuild kit for the clutch pedal support for my 65.
After trying for over an hour to get the steering column out (NO LUCK THERE) got it all but the column itself...Any tricks there?? I finally deciced to pry the pedal support out from under the dash and slide it up the steering column only to find that the P.O. had used copper pipe and electrical conduit nuts to do the last rebuild...WHAT A DIPSTICK!!!
The kit I bought has 1 shaft rod, 2 large metal bushing, 2 plastic bushings and 2 snap rings along with some wavy washers.
In what order do thes go into the support? Also I noticed that the old shaft was split and peened over on the notched end, is this normal and do I have to do that with the new one?
I do hope the re-install goes smoother than the dismantle as I am really tired of bleeding!!
Any tips or pictures would be helpful, especially about getting the steering column outta' the way.
Thanks all!!

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My advice, seeing how it is a 65, get a used support, the ones for the automatics are the same 65-66.It really sounds like the previous owner messed yours up.

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