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I just got a 71 mustang and the brake lights do not work. The green and orange stripe wire is on the switch but not the other wire. Does anyone know what color it should be? The PO (or owners) did a pretty good hack job with the wiring down there.There is a solid green byut that only goives me driver side braske lights , I checked and all bulbs are good.
Also the brake pedal is as loose as hell, wiggles side to side about 2.5" and can move up and down about 1/4". That thing is really hard to get to! Is it missing a bushing or something? It has junk yard paint on it so I'm guessing the PO put it in wrong without some parts or something.


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I'm not sure about the wiring but it sounds like you might have more than one problem. A 71 shop manual would be really helpful - but it doesn't have the wiring diagrams in it!! I use a Haynes manual for wiring diagrams - for some reason they have good ones. (Haynes manuals are way cheaper than the shop manual, but the shop manual is an awesome resource for everything else - except your 71 emissions which is in a supplemental factory manual I think).

As for your brake pedal, I just went up into the attic and looked at the three I have up there ... the only thing I can think of is that the pedal itself is busted off the thick metal tube it is welded to, which would mean you would need a new brake pedal, or you'd need to re-weld it together. If you need a new one, make sure you get one that is the same dimensions as your current one, since I am pretty sure the pedal itself (and maybe the mount point) is different for manual vs. power brakes. The whole brake pedal assembly rides on a long bolt that goes through the pedal cluster mount. Maybe it is the wrong pedal?

Fun working under there - isn't it?

Good luck with it!
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