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Need help, 66 Power steering pump question...

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I have a question. I have a 66 power steering pump with the original reservoir. It is the type with the wide filler neck and the twist on type cap.

My question is, if I go to Autozone or Checker and buy a "Ford" replacement type pump, which is the type with the skinny filler neck and the push in, dipstick type cap, can I remove my reservoir and install it on the replacement type pump?

Will this work? I want to keep the original look, but I have no time to order a correct one. I'm in the US Air Force, and I have to move in 6 days from Arizona to Oklahoma. Yesterday my pump started making a rattling sound as if maybe a bearing is going out, and my wife will be driving the car as part of the move.

Thanks for your time,
John Thomas
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The 67 style is usually the replacement for the hard to find 66. Just swap the pulley on to the new pump and install it as is for now. You can worry about the "originality" later I don't think the cans swap, but with the expertise here, you'll have an answer soon.
It just depends on the pump they give you. The original 66 pump had a pressure fitting on the back that was located off center. It also had a stud (a long extension bolt from the inside of the pump) that came out through the reservoir and was used to help support the pump in the back. Some later replacement pumps (even though the filler neck was different) had the same locations. If the one you get is like this, the can will swap. The cartridge inside is the same. What you need to compare is the location of the fitting and support stud. As long as the cans match in this area, you can swap away.
Thanks a lot for the information. How do you get the reservoir off anyway? I haven't looked at it closely yet, are there just some nuts and bolts holding it on, or is there a trick I'll need to know?

Thanks again,
John Thomas
Chuck the pump in a vise shaft pointed down. There should be a large, thin flat nut on the pressure fitting and a thin large hex nut on the rear support stud. Remove these. The only thing now holding the can on is a slight pree fit onto the front housing (and years or grime). Take a 2x4 piece of wood and set the edge under the lip down at the bottom of the reservoir where it presses down onto the front housing. Bang upward with a hammer on the 2x4. You will have to work your way around the pump, knocking thereservoir upwards a little at a time until it lifts off of the housing. Use the wood against the can to keep from tearing it up. Keep watch where the fitting and stud come through the can. Sometimes the edge of the holes in the can will catch on one of the threads. Then when you hammer up on the can the edge deflects and bends where the stud comes out. Knock it up evenly. If you do deform the holes in the back of the can, hammer them flat by supporting the back of the hole with something hard and flat and then tapping the edge down with a hammer.
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