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Need Help <cobra replica>

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Hiya!! I am now in the market for a replica AC Cobra. I was wondering if anyone knew what things I should look for. It must be all FORD parts, I hate when people put a 350 in a cobra. Or a model-T for that matter. I have about $22k to spend, and think that would look nice in my garage, next to the 64 1/2
1 - 8 of 8 Posts would be a great place to start. Quite a few Factory Five guys there, but other "makes" are represented also. $22k is a little thin, but there's lots of NICE stuff in the $25k-$30k range - you might be able to snag a bargain..........
Great!!!! Thanks.
This place is close to where I live:

I like their 289 FIA.
Are you gonna assemble it yourself, or buy a turnkey? If you're gonna do it yourself, $22K is perfect for a couple of different cobra replicas. Factory Five and B&B are two very popular replicas that can be built for under $20K. I'll be right at about $20K with my Factory Five. Backdraft Racing is a newer company that I think also has a kit near that price. If you want a turnkey car, I think most of those are in the $25-30K range. The best places to start asking questions and researching are:
CobraForum - Mostly FFR
FFCobra - Mostly FFR
Club Cobra - All makes of replicas

Jump on one of these forums and find someone in your area to give you a ride. Most Cobra owners are very willing to show off their cars.
When you say you have $22K, is that for a built car or for a Factory Five Racing type of deal where you intend to do it yourself? If your answer is the aforementioned "already built" car, I know of a friend here in SoCal that is selling a B&B replica with a 351W. It is a killer car and he is asking a little more than you say you have to spend. If you would like his info, PM me.
I've been looking at this one:
Go to
Look up Midstates.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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