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Need help from you guys.

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Ok....I need help from you guys that had or still have a falcon along side their trusty steed.
My father has a 63 Falcon futura Convert, that we removed a 302 out of.......Now in my car.... ::
This falcon by the numbers was originaly a 170 6 Cyl car.....
We removed the 200 6 from my car to in stall in his...
The Eng code from my 6 indicates that it is a 68 year model. The C4 has the typical wrecking yard paint pen markings with 69 indicated. It fit fine in my car. Duh..... matched up to a spare 65 200 block I have, hole for hole from a general look they seem to match. Both our cars have and eng code for a 170 but I dont have a 170 block to the 200 measure againts.
Now for the problem..........The 200 6 in the falcon rides too far forward.... No room for the fan and spacer. The original trans crosmember was removed and the trans tunnel brace had been cut out to fit a 77 302 with a 77 granada 3 speed w/overdrive. The C4 is nowhere near wher it should be for the trans mount to fit properly. ( the holes for the trans crossmember are still near the frame.).
It seems the whole drive train needs to go back the 2 inches left between the rear of the valve cover and firewall.
The motor mounts that came out of my mustang dont fit properly.. duh from a mustang.. ::...
he purchased two sets of what are suppose to be 6 Cyl falcon motor mounts....On eset matches the ones from my mustang and the other set Look more like 65 V8 mustang mounts.....If someone has pics of the proper engine setup for the falcon, We would really appreciate the help....Short of finding a 63 falcon with the complete drive train to salvage we are stumped as to why this set up is not working::.....I can go into futher detail in PM's or her in the forums....

Thank you in advance for any and all help we may recieve