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Need help on parts for trade estimate?

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I have recently been working with another mustang enthusiast that is in need of some parts, and we decided to work out a barter deal, for some network stuff I need.

So far I have given him a set of 65 hinges, that has been completey restored (Don't worry Jeff, Not yours!/forums/images/icons/smile.gif) A correct carburetor, factory carb spacer & complete throttle linkage for his 6 cylinder in his 63 Comet. We're still working on other stuff he needs, but at the moment what would be a fair market value for this stuff, any ideal?

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Oughta be worth a router, some Cat5, jacks and networking cards, eh? Most likely his expertise at getting the network up will be worth the most..*G*

Or, if wireless, a WAP and maybe one client...I'm assuming Wintel, which is less expensive..
I agree with Camachinest. The equipment can get a little expensive if your going wireless (a couple hundred bucks or more depending on number of PCs.) If he is running wiring (cat 5) that can be a pain in some homes (I charge $100 per drop for my clients, going rate around here is $100 -$150 per drop.) His expertise is as valuable or more so than the equipment. I charge $125 per hour for business networks, but would probably charge half that for home networking and probably even less for a fellow Mustang enthusiast. How many PCs are you networking? Do you have DSL or cable Internet?
I'm looking at networking at least 3 pc's maybe 4, and my laptop. I'm running a cable modem.
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