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Need help picking out stock valve springs 289

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Hello I’m refreshing a 289 out of a 1967 mustang fastback for a friend of the family’s. Oppon disassembling the heads I found one of the original valve springs was broken. There’s two different types of valve springs available one says “ after L-10 to L-14” and the other says “after L-14 change” I honestly have no clue what this means and I need help picking out the right springs for the engine I’m working on.
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I'm pretty sure the L means Level. During the life span of a certain engine many changes are made. For example, the '65 and earlier 289 heads had slotted guides for the pushrods in the head. In '66 Ford changed from slotted holes to round holes and added the "rail" rocker arms to keep the rocker centered on the valve stem. That was a L change. If the engine you're working on still has the metal tag attached to the intake manifold it will tell you which L your engine was built under.
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