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Need help picking out stock valve springs 289

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Hello I’m refreshing a 289 out of a 1967 mustang fastback for a friend of the family’s. Oppon disassembling the heads I found one of the original valve springs was broken. There’s two different types of valve springs available one says “ after L-10 to L-14” and the other says “after L-14 change” I honestly have no clue what this means and I need help picking out the right springs for the engine I’m working on.
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1967 289 C code 2 bbl change level 14. The "A" means it was made in Jan but can see the number in before that.

deciphering engine tags
7 A means engine built January 1967. See my post above for the rest of the info. Basically change level 14.
I'll defer that question to the experts. I just know where the charts are to decipher the tags!
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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