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I am trying to get a response from Rick La Porte of Columbus or New Philidelphia, Ohio. I agreed to purchase a Boss 302 reproduction snorkel from him. Sent the money and have not received it as of today. I sent the money order on 5/21 and my last correspondence was on 6/6. He stated he had "received my money and would ship tomorrow". (I guess tomorrow hasn't come. Poor attempt at humor.)

His name is Wavestar and has continued to receive praise on all of his auctions to date. Email addresses are [email protected] and [email protected] He used to be Mustang Enterprises also. The address I sent the money order to was in Columbus, Ohio.

My goal is not to bad mouth any one. Really just want what we agreed to. I have never had any problems dealing with people in the past on any parts. I have purchased parts from overseas without any issues.

Any help is appreciated.

Sorry I can't help you but I remember some similar posts about this same guy doing the same thing to some VMFers last winter. Someone needs to go knock on his "door" after he's located. Just a thought.
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