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Need Help, Wire Wheel $$$

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I just received my new SSW's. Now I have a set of 67 wire wheel covers that I am going to sell. There is a label on the inside, Ford part number 43 72 C7ZA1130 G. Also, the steel wheels have the Ford logo stamped in them. They are in good condition. What would fair price be for the covers? Is there any value in the steel wheels? TIA
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seen the wire wheels priced from $10 used and on up to $100 each for NOS ones. It all depends on the condition. If yours don't have any curb scuffs or dents and the center caps are nice, you could probably get $50 each for them. You might start at $250 for the set and maybe come down to $200 if you have to.

The steel wheels are worth maybe $10-25 each

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Check on EBAY for the going rates. When I needed a replacement wire wheel cover the local hubcap shops gave me prices between $35 and $75 for a used one. There are some internet hubcap dealers that advertise millions of covers. I thought I'd get a deal there. Wrong! They wanted $88 to $118 for theirs. No way! I could have picked one up on EBAY for about $25 but with the shipping, etc, I just ended up going to the guy that had them for $35. I got to pick the best one too.

I guess the moral of the story is EBAY has the best prices, followed by used hubcap merchants, followed by internet hubcap dealers. I guess you can price them according to how you're looking to put them up for sale.
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