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Need help with rear end gear ratio?

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I currently have 4:57 gears in my car and they worked fine with my old motor. With my new motor I think I should go with 4:11's according to calculations. What do you think and what info do you need? The motor is a 351c-4v quench heads with a solid .554/.570 cam 238/248 duration. The cam card says 3000-6500rpm for best performance. C6 with 3500 stall and a 26" 10 x15 slick. Keep in mind I want the motor to last for a while thats why I figure 4:11's.
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This isn't a daily driver....I'd keep the '57's...

My '67 street racer had 4.62's in it with a 26" tire and it was fine for short trips...just no extended freeway driving....I either flat-towed it with hubs or trailered it to the races....

I want to stay in the 6200 range at the traps. With the calculations I'm using I show 6146rpm @116mph with 4:11's and thats without any slippage.
rpm / speed / gear ratio calculator

Argh... sorry they only have 'modern' transmissions on there.

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