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I know that the last 4 digits of a 6-digit DSO were (sometimes?) a code for a non-standard paint color. What is the basis for those numbers i.e.: how can they be decoded? I want to go backwards, in two cases.

One is on a customer's 66 that was originally raven black (Paint A), but which, for practicality reasons (we live in a dry, dusty, hot place) he has elected to paint '65 tropical turquoise - certainly, this could have been done if a person had really liked that color in 1966.

The other is for a customer who has put 400,000 miles on his Vintage Burgandy 65 convertible and is tired of that spectacular color. I've tried to talk him out of it, to no avail, but he insists on changing it to 68 Highland Green. and the customer is always right, right?

So, as part of each of these restorations, we'll be getting new plates stamped. For the objectors among us, I will note that it is the tradition of this shop to feature the original data plate prominently in the resto album - there will be no attempt on the part of this shop to misrepresent the heritage of any car. The intentional change on the data plate is to create a correct detail as it would relate to the current customized condition of the car and the desire of it's owner. Additionally, it is a response to the MCA concourse rules relating data-plate information to the current configuration of the car.

Thanks to anyone with information on the subject.

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basically, 6 digit DSO's start with the regular DSO and then a number after that. that number is most likely sequential but from our standpoint, random.

on special paint orders, we normally see paint colors from other car lines instead of a totally custom paint color. you will undoubtedly be causing a little stir if these cars are entered in MCA concours judging. Especially the 65 that the owner wants to paint Highland green. Also, you'd have a hard time explaining a special order 66 with a 65 year model paint color. I guess it all depends on whether or not the owner's want to deal with this issue at shows.

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I'm not trying to make anyone here upset. I think if the MCA rules value matching tags (codes) over originality there is something wrong. If I were king any changes to that tag (short of replacement for lost tags) would mean automatic disqualification. Additionally, at some point you will restore a rare car. I would think a shadow of doubt would immediately be cast over anything you've touched, if you have a past history of changing codes to owners whims. That's just my two cents, I guess not everyone will agree.
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