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Need Info - T-5 And Other Exports 64-66 Registry

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I'm doing some work on the 64.5-66 registry and I'm looking for info on T-5s and other cars exported outside of the US.

I checked the T-5 registry site and from what I could determine the VIN / data plate info for T-5s is the same except for the fact that the DSO is in the 90-99 range. Is there anything else (besides the badges, etc) that can be used to identify these cars? Did they all come equipped with similar options (like the pace cars)?

I've also heard that Canada had unique DSO numbers (as opposed to the generic 90-99 used for exports). Does anyone have them available? Do any other countries have unique DSO values (Mexico maybe?)?

Lastly, a thread recently came up where numbers were used for the engine codes. I was informed that this was done sometimes when the cars were being exported to countries that use lower octane gas. On the T-5 site the engine codes were the letters that we normally see. Does anyone know what countries got the cars with the numbered engine codes and if they have a unique DSO? The reason I'd like to know is because if someone tries to enter a VIN with a number for the engine code then I'd check to verify the DSO, etc. are correct before accepting it.


Oh, If you want to play with the registry go here. It's more of a skeleton with some guts right now but it's starting to look like something. Feel free to put anything in that you want (good or bad data) because everything will be deleted prior to going live.
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My k-code fastback was an export to Canada. It has a DSO of B1 - I believe that is Ford of Central Canada.
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