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Well it has come to my attention that my bank balance will not be enough to cover the completion of my current project so it's time to clean house with mustang parts. Here's the list and no doubt I have forgotten something so e-mail me if you need something in particular.

2 groove crankshaft pulley off a 289, repainted black, $10
1 groove water pump pulley off a 289, repainted black, $5
A set of black standard 68 door panels, chrome trim pealing off in a few spots otherwise in great shape, $5
Steering wheel pad for a 68, including center push in section, good condition, $20
2 rear bumpers, good shape but would need rechrome, $10 each
68 console backing plate that holds the radio, sliding door that works well and black foam pad that covers it, all in very good shape, $60 for all or will consider parting out
Misc 65-68 hubcaps, e-mail me for needs, will sell very cheap
1 pair of black standard interior arm rest pads, good shape, not ripping apart, $10
Thats all I can think of off of the top of my head but please, like I said, I really need the money so if you see something you need please just make an offer, I will consider everything. Thanks!
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