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I believe stripping to bare metal should be a last resort decision. I'm convinced the baked on factory finish offers a whole lot more adhesion potential for new paint than bare metal, even if all the normal bare metal prep processes are done. Another plus, is that minor body/paint imperfections can be eliminated while block sanding/preping the old paint without resorting to fillers. If the car has been repainted a number of times, there may not be a lot of choice in the matter, but it's worth considering.

Chemical stripping works but can be a bit messy and the stripper generally is highly caustic. Wear protection! And, make 200% sure all the stripper is removed from every nook & cranny before the first drop of new finish is applied.

Plastic media blasting, also highly effective has its down side. It tends to blow the removal media into every void in the car. A point usually discovered during the initial painting process as the spray gun stirs the residue/dust up all over the new paint. You'll find new words to descibe your unhappiness when that happens.

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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