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need part number help

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Its a radiator.D0ZE-B1...anybody know what it fits?
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See my earlier post, here for a good site to look at for part number breakdown.

D0ZE would appear to be for a 70 Mustang.

Here's a good chart:
D0ZZ 8005-D

1970 Mustang 302 (not spec.) 351 Extra-Cooling and/or A/C.
This is O/T, but have you found any performance oriented parts for the MEL series? Just curious, I never heard of any parts sources for those engines.
I hate to bore you guys but I am an old fart and am interested in old Mercury's mainly. This engine series was once popular and speed parts were made. The only problem is the FE lived and this series didn't. I am hoping I will ring a bell with another old fart and will find enough to hot rod an older Mercury.

Hope you don't mind.
Don't mind at all. My only experience with these engines was with a 66 Lincoln with the 462 (would love to have a 66-67 suicide vert BTW) and I was wondering if any performance parts were ever made for them. How does the 410 version compare to the FE series 410? Again, just wondering.
There was a 430ci. released in 1958 Mercurys with 3x2 carburetion. The 430 was also raced in Grand National in the T-Birds after FORD withdrew from organized racing in 1958.

There were speed parts made for the engine. Where they are now is the mystery.

-The MEL Engine Series-

The EDSEL E-475 Engine-
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