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Need some 390 performance tips.

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I am going to assemble my 390 tomarrow and was womdering if anybody has any tips for me. I am running a .030 over block with forged 10.5:1 comp pistons and moly rings, a comp 282 solid lifter cam, heads shaved .015 with a 3 angle grind (thatI did my-self thanx you very much) and an edelbrock 750 carb. So are their any little tips and tricks to really make my 390 run? Thanx
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With a solid lifter motor you can restrict the top end oil passage to force more oil to the crank etc,,Also contact your cam grinder and see if they have a recommended setup for the cam (ie:advance degrees etc)
too much carb there amigo (IMO)
Take a look around here , too.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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