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Need some html help.... PLEASE!!!!

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I've been playing around with this, trying to add a background to an auction, and in IE it doesn't show, but in Netscape, it does.

The background is suppose to be running ponies, can anyone else see them? The item # is 1839440977 on ehay. Can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Oh well, I guess basic white is good! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
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Considering that the background attribute is part of the <body> tag the problem may be that there are two </body> tags in the code when there should be just 1. If you added one in your description then remove it because it appears that ehay will add one no matter what.
Your code is correct.
The problem may be with the host you are using for the backdrop image. Some servers make it difficult to link images off-site because of the impact to their bandwidth with no actual traffic.

You can try adding an image pre-loader in the head tags to pull the image into the cace before it displays on the page.
After visiting your image directly
if displays properly in IE
Actually, looking harder there are 2 <body> tags too. Browsers will sometimes ignore tags they don't understand. Considering there is an extra <body> </body> set in there IE may be ignoring one set.

Netscape may be taking whatever it sees last as opposed to ignoring the 2nd set.
You may want to try putting your entire description inside a 1X1 table and just change the background in the table. That way tou don't have to worry about overriding the the body tags generated by ehay
Thanks guys! I just got a bid on the auction so I can't make any more changes to it (ehay rules), so I will have to eperiement with your suggestions on the next auction.

Hurtle, I did see the double entry on the body background you mentioned. I was experimenting, and thought I had taken one of them back out. /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif

Thanks again!
Your HTML is fine, and your image host is working fine.

I can copy the HTML tables that define the images to a test file on my local drive, and it shows up fine in both Netscape and IE.

But on eebay I can only see the ponies in Netscape (well, Mozilla, really, Netscape's open-source child), not in IE.

It seems like eebay's scripts are running afoul of Microsoft, not your HTML.
the ehay script is gonna insert it's own body tag so your's is actually coming in second. IE is by nature going to grab the first body tag and ignore the second. Netscape is easier to fool so it is fine with the second. Bet if you tried it in Netscape 7 you would have an IE type display.

Now, I've seen auctions that pull off the background thing... but of course I am almost always in Netscape 4.79 so I'd see the background. You could try using a background in a table, however table backgrounds are pretty tricky as well. There is also the possibility that the layer tag could work but that might not play well with the ehay script either...

Are the ponies this important /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif?
His image URL is not in the body tag, a previous poster just assumed that was the problem.

It's in the table tag where it should not be overruled by eebay's scripts.
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