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need steering box reply QUICKLY

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HI doug2stanger here
there is a steering box going on ebay that ends soon.
the part number is suppose to be for a 68 coupe.
smb-k-7L078. although the number on mine is
smb-k-8c27b. the npd book shows. 67-70
with just the smb-k. so my question is then. will any part
number which has the smb-k. fit a 68 coupe.?
maybe this is a 67 box in a 68 .thanks

douglas rhine of nebraska
the man with the sad dog face
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The 8c27b is just the assembly date, March 27, 1968, shift b, an SMB-K will fit any 67 with a two piece column and 1 1/8" sector shaft or any 68., my book shows its original application for a powersteering car-mustang, but it is same ratio as a manual steer GT car.The other one has an assembly date of 7L07b most likely, it would be November 7, 1967, well into 68 production as well, but earlier than yours, bottom line-same box.

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It's a 68 box, built in Novemver, about 1/3 the way into the 68 production run.

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