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I'm looking for good ideas on getting my engine detailed and painted up nice while in the car. I'm not looking to make it show quality since it's a daily driver, but I like a neat looking engine. The block is black and needs to be Ford blue, and I'll be replacing the breather and valve covers. Some of my bolt heads are rusty and need to be cleaned up also.

Thanks for the help. :)

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OK...seems like the only way to do this in the car is to concentrate on the engine first....I would pressure wash the engine (covering the distributor and carb inlet with a ziploc bag and duct tape...)

try and stay away from the gaskets because the water pressure can cause wter injection and a gasket leak...

Make sure to pressure wash where a grease trap is available...per EPA rules

Once degreased, you can get some resin or walnut shell beads and bead blast the sides of the block, then vacuum until you are sure the area is clean....

it would be a good idea to jack up the engine and unbolt the mounts to paint the block blue...

before painting, be sure to get clean rags with lacquer thinner and wipe down thoroughly...then tape off the heads at the gasketline....and oil pan at the gasket line...and mask the rest of the car....and shoot...

once drying you can lower the engine back down bolt her back up and fire it up to bake the paint on....

then bolt on all yer goodies like the valve covers, air cleaner and mask the entire engine.....and mask it good...using glad garbage bags and lots of masking to bottom.

I would definitely bead blast the whole engin [censored] with front fenders off...

once bead blasted, mask the brake lines, MC, all other components
(but make sure to loosen the brake lines off the firewall for painting...)

take all grommets off....mask all wiring harnesses and back them off the engine bay walls.

once cleaned up the bay should be scuffed up and vacuumed...and
some kind of primer should be added (preferable a color close to the paint...) and scuff the primer (be sure to use epoxy or a nice build primer)
and scuff any imperfections down....vacuum once more and shoot paint....some use rattle can technology, I like the gravityfeed devilbiss
along with the eggshell deltron PPG paint.

then bolt everything back together...
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