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Wife was showing engine to her brother yesterday while I was at work. My dear bro in-law opens the hood,when he goes to close it the hinge on the left gets stuck and he forces it closed ripping the hinge nuts thriugh the apron. I,m %$&*#@% pissed. Should I give him a wood shampoo with a louieville slugger?

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Sounds nasty enough to say YES.

On another note though.... no offence intended....

How sound was the apron to begin with? If the hinge nuts were pulled through the apron so easily something must have weakened??

I can't imagine that with my full body weight I could rip the nuts through my apron. I certainly hope not. It al feels so strong...

Again, not to upset anyone, but just to ease my mind.....

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Sorry to hear about your problem. Kind of a tricky spot when an in-law is involved. I'd give him a bill for the repair plus "mental anguish" (can't be prosecuted for that). He might just laugh at the bill, but at least he might get a clue at what he cost you. I'm thankful my wife and kids know that NO ONE touches my Mach unless I'm there. Good luck, hope you get it repaired OK.

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If it were me, I think I'd take the slugger to her. Tell your wife she just caused my wife to get a lecture. I called her into my office, and told her not to ever touch my car.
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I must just be me, but the car can be replaced. A really good wife is very f(*&(^n hard to find. 28 yrs proves that.
Fix the car, yell at the bro.

ps If the wife aint a good one, yell at her, keep the bro.

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Think a need a bigger coral.

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I think you need to set some new rules!!!!! Mabe post them on every door in the house!!! hehehe

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Don't yell at anyone, in my opinion - accidents happen, even through reckless abandon and carelessness. I would guess that, unless you've got a running feud with the guy, he didn't mean to destroy the hinge and apron nuts. They're easily rewelded (once the fender's off) and maybe exposed a problem with the hinge (why did it jam?).

Not only are you the better man by NOT yelling or raising a fuss, you'll also save yourself loads of grief and resentment from your wife & bro in law.

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Well, at least he will not ever touch your car again, and your wife will be a lot less anxious to let anyone put their hands on it. Sounds like a bummer. Good luck with your repair.

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