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Need VMFers Opionion!

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I have a restomod 65 coupe. I want the engine compartment very sharp. I have just installed a rebuild 289 w/ Edelbrock performer plus cam, edelbrock performer intake manifold, edelbrock 600cfm carb, then for show, edelbrock chrome valve covers. The engine is all painted and dolled up with chrome and lots of polished aluminum. I started to buy a 14" Edelbrock air filter but am heisitating. 14" seems like the norm but it covers up all my work. I polished the performer intake manifold for a week and it seems to me that 14 inches of airfilter will cover up all of it!! Smaller seems like it could be a bad idea or require more frequent filter changes but I think 14" is the norm and Im sure alot of you have that does it look and what do recommend!
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What was the question??

Edelbrock has a chrome 10x2" filter housing, part number 1208, $18 at summitracing.
Or they have an aluminum 10x2" filter housing, part number 4210, $53 at summitracing.

How about a HiPo housing?
The 14" hipo air cleaner doesn'nt cover much of the manifold. Especially since your installing a high rise. Should look right purdy.
I believe that you will be just fine with a *quality* smaller air filter.

Did you install the Edelbrock Performer RPM package? How do you like it?
I know, I rambled on. The question, how does a 14"airfilter look on a 289. And, does it cover up alot?
I'd suggest going with a HiPo style chrome aiirfilter.
Check these URLs and see for yourself. There is still a bit to see.
But if you want to show more of your manifold polishing job, I think you might need a smaller
diameter airfilter.

By the way, I have the same setup. Edelbrock Performer Intake and 1405 carb. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

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