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Need wiring help (lights)

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I had my lights all in and working. After a couple of drives I have a problem. The signals don't work. No matter which way you move the lever you get the front two alternating and the two in the dash going together. The back seems fine. I think this started after I tested the 4 ways. I can't be sure. It is a 66 with all new lights. Could it be a bad ground? What else should I check? Should I check in the front or the back? Could it be under the dash? I just don't know, HELP!
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On mine the two flashing in the dash means that you have the hazard lights on /forums/images/icons/smile.gif. Dont know what your problem is tho, sorry /forums/images/icons/frown.gif

I'd disconnect the emergency flashers, what you call the 4-way, and see if they work correctly again. If so, then the problem is clearly in the emergency flasher unit.
Had the same thing on my 69....destroyed ground wire for the front lights.
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