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Nervous incident with lucinda

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So yesterday i rebuilt my carb. It is a motorcraft 2100 so very easy to rebuild. However today i tried starting up the car. I tried starting the car before i rebuilt the carb but she wouldnt turn over. Today she turned over and the first time it sounded like the engine whined and then died out. I assumed because it just needed to get gas back in the carburetor. So we tried again and i saw the fuel filter fill up and then it turned over again and died immediately. I tried starting it for the third time and it turned over but right when that happened the carburetor blew a huge fireball to the ceiling of the garage. I dont really want to start it again or even know if it is safe to try again. Halp lol
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What's up with the big 1980s vacuum diaphragm thing in the back of the intake manifold? Is there a chance it's leaking air in?

It's got to be spark, fuel or air. I'm guessing you've got air and a fireball implies fuel so I'd see if you actually have a spark and go from there at getting them all in the right place at the right time.
Harbor Freight has their cheap volt-ohm meter for $6 or free if you find the right coupon in the mail or a magazine.

They might not be the world's greatest meters, but I have a couple and they'll definitely work for what you need here, and it's really hard to beat free.

If you can't find the ad for a free one you can always use the 20% off coupon too.
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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