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never happy

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Now, seeing getting the photo on the posts was such a breeze(not) How do I get the little photo in the left side of the page under my title tire(tyre) kicker.

Won't be that for much longer the way I putting in these BS questions. *G*

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That requires a bigger hammer AND a crescent wrench, LOL

You need another picture, preferably one that is square. The word CROP comes to mind. If its not square you will get that scrunched up effect that some people's pictures have. Ok, so you upload it to where ever you can upload and reference pictures and enter the complete online name of that picture in the Your Picture text box in your profile. Its a few blocks under the signature area where you did the other picture. Nice car too.

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You can see my 65 fastback at:

Photopoint will allow you to resize your photo there, or crop if you wish.I think there is somewhere it says edit, click on it, then on the resize tab, I had about the same size photo you have in your signature, and went 1/2 size to get the present photo in my signature below.To get the photo over to the right, make sure you have that function turned on, and when you go in to edit your basic profile, go to where it says your picture and insert link there as you did in signature(ideally this spot is for a mug shot), it will resize automatically for you there I believe.

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