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New 69 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Owner-Need Help!

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I just inherited a 1969 Mustang Mach 1. I'm posting on multiple classic Ford Mustang web sites hoping someone can give me some guidance.
#1. This car needs a fan shroud. It is a 351C car with NO factory A/C. It has a radiator that measures 24" wide X 16" tall (cooling fin area). What fan shroud should I order?
#2. I also need a mechanical fan to work with whatever shroud I end up buying. Car has a fiberglass bladed flex fan on it right now that needs to go. Let me know what SIZE mechanical fan to order.
#3. Car has an Edelbrock carb on it that is receiving it's fuel supply directly from the pump. Car is running rich and the plugs are fuel fouled. Should I be running a fuel pressure regulator between mechanical pump and carb?
#4. Excessive valve train noise.. Factory cam-NOT a performance cam. Lot's of people posting they have the same/similar issue.. What's the no-nonsense fix?
#5. Carb is a square bore. Intake is a spread bore. Adapter plate in place. Should I swap over to an after market aluminum square bore intake? I'd like to shed the extra weight, and get rid of the adapter plate. Car has 4V heads.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! First time Ford owner, and this is my 1st classic car.
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I would begin my research for a 1970 351c optioned car. The 1969’s are generally 351w cars with only a few 351C coming in the early cars. Or the 351C could have been installed in the last 54 years. In my eyes the 1970 351C cars would be easier to match replacement engine parts. Radiator, fan and clutch fan should or just a mechanical fan should fit perfect for a 1970 351C.

I'm sure you just typo'd your response, but for the OP's sake let me set the record straight. In 1969 the 351C engine was not available. The only 351 engine was the Windsor. In the early part of the 1970 model year, 2v (2 barrel carburetor) 351 engines could be either a 351w or a 351C. A 4v 351 in 1970 was only a Cleveland. My early model year 1970 Mustang came with a 2v 351W when new. Many people over the years tossed their 302/289/351W engines out of their Mustangs in favor of 351C engines due to Cleveland being designed as a performance engine and the lack of performance cylinder heads for 289/302/351w engines. With 1967-1970 Mustang engine compartments being dimensionally the same as a 1970 Mustang, this was a bolt in no brainer back in the day. In fact, this is exactly why I replaced the factory 302 with a 351C in a Mustang I had back in the 1980's. As Ironstang pointed out, just look for parts for your engine that fit a 1970 Mustang as it's the same car under the skin as a 1969 Mustang.

Welcome to the forum. We always like to see pictures of members cars. You'll find this the best resource for vintage Mustang information. is a good resource too for 69 and 70 Mustangs, although they have less traffic over there.
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