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New 69 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Owner-Need Help!

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I just inherited a 1969 Mustang Mach 1. I'm posting on multiple classic Ford Mustang web sites hoping someone can give me some guidance.
#1. This car needs a fan shroud. It is a 351C car with NO factory A/C. It has a radiator that measures 24" wide X 16" tall (cooling fin area). What fan shroud should I order?
#2. I also need a mechanical fan to work with whatever shroud I end up buying. Car has a fiberglass bladed flex fan on it right now that needs to go. Let me know what SIZE mechanical fan to order.
#3. Car has an Edelbrock carb on it that is receiving it's fuel supply directly from the pump. Car is running rich and the plugs are fuel fouled. Should I be running a fuel pressure regulator between mechanical pump and carb?
#4. Excessive valve train noise.. Factory cam-NOT a performance cam. Lot's of people posting they have the same/similar issue.. What's the no-nonsense fix?
#5. Carb is a square bore. Intake is a spread bore. Adapter plate in place. Should I swap over to an after market aluminum square bore intake? I'd like to shed the extra weight, and get rid of the adapter plate. Car has 4V heads.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! First time Ford owner, and this is my 1st classic car.
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- With the exception of the Boss 351, factory Cleveland rockers are not adjustable. They are positive stop which means the rocker nuts are simply tightened to spec

- Multiple issues can cause lifter clattering; sludged lifters, low oil pressure or worn cam bearings come to mind

- No fuel pressure regulator required for a simple Edelbrock carb swap. The carb is running way too rich which is pretty common. You must get a calibration kit for that carb. It has multiple jets, metering rods and springs. You can download the carburetor manual which will tell you how to calibrate it. For the primaries, subtract the size of the metering rod from the size of the jet. Reducing that difference leans the mixture. Increasing that difference richens the mixture. The secondary just has jets so you would simply install smaller secondary jets to lean the secondary.

- I would strongly suggest swapping the 24" radiator for a 26". This is what came from the factory on big block and A/C equipped Mustangs. You can buy a complete cooling system kit brand new from West Coast Classic Cougar. It has a 26", 3-row radiator, shroud and 7-blade clutch fan. It's not cheap, but it's a lot better than fighting constant cooling issues and it all bolts right in easy peasy. (It's also much easier than going with a custom aluminum radiator and electric fan.) I installed that cooling system on my 1970 Mach 1 with a Cleveland and I'm glad I did.

- I personally find carburetor adapters to be somewhat janky, but they work fine. I would suggest you resolve all other issues and then decide if you want to swap out the intake manifold or simply buy a spreadbore carburetor.
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