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I decided to just pull all of the fuel and brake lines while I am doing the floors to prevent another Doofus candidate. When I reinstall everything, I'm going to do my Granada upgrade, along with the dual MC.
Q#1 - Will I get better braking with a different size line?
Q#2 - I will be purchasing a new MC. I have the core from the Granada, but would the 74 Maverick be better?
Q#3 - I know it has been discussed more times, than I've said &@%^ while working on the stang, but is there a power MC that is basically a direct bolt in for the 66? I perfer to limit the custom fabrications as much as possible.
Q#4 - I plan to add dual exhaust when I redo that system. Is it a problem if I reroute the rear lines now?
Q#5 - When I replace the fuel line, I will probably put a new one in since I'm investing in the tubing tools. Is there any advantage to a different size fuel line?
Q#6 - What kind of coating should I use for the lines and brake parts? Paint, or other?
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