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I'm looking at a new job and a new car , but it's got to be a wagon (bugger). I understand the new Camry has been released in the states . Is there a wagon version and can any one tell me where to find a pic of one ?/forums/images/icons/smile.gif

the last year for a toyota wag i think was 96 as i had one,when the new bodystyle came out[97]
toyota droped the wag becaus of poor sales,now there basicly mini vans
toys are what my wifes driven for the last 20+ years,with ZERO problems[i get here a new at every 150K miles

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Depends on whether you want sporty or cargo capacity.

The Matrix is a small sporty wagon. I sense he's after cargo capacity, and the Highlander kicks the Matrix's butt in that category.

Passenger volume (cu. ft.) 105.7
Cargo volume (cu. ft.) rear seats in place/folded 38.5/81.4

EPA passenger volume (cu. ft.) 96.2
Luggage capacity, rear seats up/down (cu. ft.)4 21.8/53.2

However the point is moot because Toyota sells neither of these vehicles in Austrailia. It does, however, sell a wagon version of the 97-01 gen sell a Camry wagon in Aus.

To answer the original question. It doesn't look like they will be making a wagon version of the new Camry.

"It is believed there will be no wagon version of the new Camry, which means the existing wagon will be the last of its kind.

But the void may be filled by a Camry-derived soft-roader such as the Highlander - which offers the space and utility of a wagon along with some degree of off-road versatility. "

Which validates my earlier statement of the Highlander being derived from the Camry.

For more info, see the reviews links off this page,2284,Reviews,00.html
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