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New clown in town

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It appears that there is a new clown that has replied already 94 times since joining in less than a days time. No names mentioned in profile though. Check it out!
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theres a name in the profile now, i noticed the large amount of post also ...
Jace, who it be? PM me if you want.
nope i was wrong, about the first one,i just found who you was talking about...... maybe they will settle down and give us something besides worthless knowledge...... hmmm
sounds like this fella is hungry to get to the enthusiast level quick!!!!

talk about rookie complex!!!
Funny there is 12 more since I posted!LOL. They will know more than most of us by their title by days end? Ya think? Not!!
He's replied to nearly every post. He'll burn out during weekdays, with well over 100+ posts/day on average. Weekends average more like 60 posts/day. At least I hope he burns out...
Midlife you're too funny! I hope I grow up to be like you some day.
Pace_Car right? I just figured it out!
Nearly every post except for this one. His average number of exclamation points per post is increasing. Maybe he's building up to something !!!!!!
Hey Hurtle
I just noticed that YOU used a few too many exclamation points too!! (oops) I will checking the the VMF police undercover squad about this clue.
I did that on purpose as a playful jab to our overzealous new member. If you notice I also put a space after the last word but before the exclamation points start just like he does. Kinda like this !!!!!
Hey Dave
I did notice that !! Anyway, what happens when he passes us all up? Why do I get the feeling that the mystery person is someone like Johnpro, Bob, etc. ???? (BTW, John & Bob, please don't send your lawyers after me for libel, OK?) Just a hunch.
And such helpful and informative posts they are too. Jeez, even the most experienced MCA Gold judge who joins the VMF will be titled a Newbie for a while. It's not that big of a deal. Look at me, for some reason I'm a Pooh-bah and I don't know anything!
I never even knew there was a ranking to be had until a few months back when someone posted the question on how many posts it takes to move up. I didn't even notice when mine had changed. I couldn't tell you what I am now with out looking it up.
Gosh !!!! What is wrong with 114 posts in 2 days ????/forums/images/icons/shocked.gif I just love all of the exclamation marks !!!!!/forums/images/icons/tongue.gif And notice how each posts is about 1 sentence !!!!! Obviously he has nothing else to do since he has replied to nearly every post !!!!!/forums/images/icons/crazy.gif Hopefully it will end !!!!! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
My favorites are:

"Don't do it, Dude" and

"Go for it" Deep, meaningful stuff.
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