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My name is Jean-Paul Theunissen, I live in The Netherlands, Europe.
I own my Mustang 68 coupe since 1998 and finished restoring it last year.

You could check out the details about my car at:

To be honest, I am facing a problem, maybe somebody could help me:

Yesterday somebody from the States informed me by e-mail that the story about my car, No Guts No Airmedals, was published in the April issue of the Mustang Monthly Magazine.

Since I live in Europe, it's impossible to check it out, because the April issue is still on it's way by mail to me. I am on the lookout for the mailman each day, but now it's Saturday afternoon, and he just past our house, without the April issue of the magazine..

I am very anxious to know how my car is featured. (Almost getting crazy..?!)

Could some please scan it or make a picture of it and put it online or e-mail it to me?

I know it's much to ask, especially because it's my first time here at this forum, but I hope you could understand.

Thanks in advance!

Jean-Paul Theunissen
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