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hi, went back outside and checked real close this is exhaust coming up right under the choke housing is there suppose to be a spacer in this setup? and would a spacer stop the exhaust leak? if so can I just get one from the local parts store? I know its alot of questions but before I do something stupid and get the doofus award I figured I would ask. John

Opal frost pearl metallic 67 coupe
also have a 95 opal frost pearl G/T BOSS edition convertible belongs to swmbo

Onetrickpony was on the mark when he advised blocking off the exhaust crossover passage between the head and the manifold. The EGR spacer that would have been used with the 85 manifold would have covered the exhaust riser between the base of the carb and the manifold directing the gases through the spacer into the EGR and then into the intake tract. Just placing a spacer between the carb and manifold may not be enough to shield the carb from the hot exhaust gases. I would suggest blocking the exhaust cross over and then use a stainless steel spacer, gasket and a phenlonic spacer to protect the carb from the heat

Greg B
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