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Here's my issue, ever since car was purchased about a year ago, I have not been able to keep the lid of the dual bowl master cylinder from leaking. I've tried flattening my current one, two new lids and two different gaskets from two different vendors. Every time I take the car out for a drive, the exterior of the master cylinder is wet with fluid that is leaking down. Also, my engine bay looks pretty good and is very clean, except for that dark corner where most of the paint is ruined or peeling from the fluid that has splashed on it. Also, the previous owner installed a Hurst line lock at some point, and didn't do the cleanest job of bending the brake lines. My intentions are to swap out the master cylinder for a new unit and also add an adjustable proportioning valve. Right now the car is kind of setup like a street strip car, but my future plans are to slowly convert it over to a autocross / corner carving type car.

Here's what I currently have
  • Kelsey Hayes style 4 piston front brakes using Granada spindles in the front.
  • Rear is a Currie built 9" small bearing rear with 10" x 2" drums.
  • Master cylinder is a garden variety dual bowl style.
I bought a new dual bowl style master cylinder in a kit that came with a PVC - B proportioning valve / distribution block with mounting bracket. I plan on replacing any lines that need to be replaced and most likely removing the Hurst line lock.

I attached pictures of my current setup and the parts I intend on installing. Anyone install this setup or have pictures of this installed in a Mustang / 60's Ford? Also, before someone says, this sure doesn't look like a Mustang, you are correct. I'm currently working on my 63.5 Falcon Sprint. All the suspension parts/ brake parts etc.. I intend on installing are made for Mustangs and usually have been adapted to fit Falcons / Fairlanes.

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