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New Member’ “new car”

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Hi all, I recently picked up a 1965 (64.5) drop top as a retirement gift for my father.

It’s rust free as far as I can tell, spent a couple hours looking for rust, under car and under dash. Looks to have had the pans replaced at some point, as well as the 4 fenders, as I could not find date codes on them. The torque boxes also looked to have been welded on.

There are several things incorrect on the interior, and the original hood has a bend and dent in it, so it is currently sporting a ‘65 hood, but I have the original.

I have a couple other classics, and a fairly involved project I am currently working on, so didn’t want to take on another project. I figured this one has good bones, so my father and I could spend time looking for the incorrect parts at meets and such, and replace as we find them. I would rather he spend the time enjoying it with my mother, rather than working on it with me.

He had a 1st gen convertible that he had to sell when I was born (I’ve heard that story so many times….), so it has come full circle

I am inclined to do a disc brake conversion, and wondered if there is a consensus on what is the best kit that doesn’t require altering anything factory.

I am also going to throw up a few photos to see if I can get a running list of things that are incorrect so I can start looking.

any input is appreciated.

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I wouldn't change a thing and would simply "drive it"! Welcome aboard!
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Heck yeah. That's a nice car. Maybe do the disk brakes, but drive as is and enjoy I say.
leave it alone. you bought something already clean.
saved a boat load of $$$ right there

dont go looking for troubles
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It is getting driven plenty, as will continue. I am more interested in finding the “64.5” only items that are incorrect. Door arm rests, seat belts, mats, etc. mostly scavenger hunt type stuff, like I said, I currently have my hands full on another project, not looking to take on a second. Just missing cosmetic bits

The disc brake conversion will be out of necessity. After 30 minutes of city driving, I can tell that the drum brakes are aggravating my fathers leg (though his stubborn old ass won’t admit it)

thanks again.
Looks to be a very nice Mustang, enjoy it.
Nice find. 👍
For the disc brake conversion, Chockostang comes very highly recommended on this forum, and he's a contributing member here too. He sells a complete factory-type disc brake conversion kit for these cars. Here is his website:

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Welcome, nice vert! just enjoy it!
Wow, nice car! And I see shop manuals in the trunk, so good start! If the car has been sitting for a while, I would give the brakes some time break-in again before throwing a bunch of new parts at it. From the pictures, the car looks nicely sorted and put together. My car had been sitting and I thought I was going to have to do something like disc brakes at first. The more I drove it though, the better the brakes got. It now stops great with all four drums. Maybe just check them for wear and adjustment…
Oh! And welcome to the VMF!
The disc brake conversion will be out of necessity. After 30 minutes of city driving, I can tell that the drum brakes are aggravating my fathers leg (though his stubborn old ass won’t admit it)
If that's the case then there's something wrong with them.... the brakes, not the legs. If needed, power brakes were an option and no pedal change is needed... add the booster and vacuum line just like the factory did.
A note of caution, if changing to disk or power brakes, the early '65 cars had the brake light switch threaded into the master cylinder.
I'm not certain what issues that may cause with parts/fitment, but it is something to know beforehand.

Also welcome to VMF. Nice car! Would love to see the door tag.
MidnightExpress said:
Would love to see the door tag.
I thought I put door tag in 1st set. I was mistaken.

convertible, poppy red with black vinyl interior, 4 speed auto, 3.0 rear end with a Detroit delivery, produced 7/7/64….if I am reading it correctly.

throwing in a few other fate stamps and such as well.

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That car is cherry! (Both in color and in finish)

A stock Kelsey-Hayes disc brake conversion is easily accomplished. Folks here like to accompany that conversion with a swap to a dual bowl master cylinder off of a later year car for safety's sake. However I assume that you'll want to keep it stock.

If the brakes are bugging your dad's legs, you can swap to a power boosted setup at the same time. With the auto trans, it will be pretty easy (factory manual cars had to do some weird stuff to get around the clutch linkage). You'll just need the correct booster/master cylinder setup and a power brake pedal - frequently sold with the Kelsey-Hayes disc conversion as a full kit.
Nice car, nice son.
Very nice retirement gift to say the least. I wish him many years of enjoyment with it.
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