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New MSD distributor looks crooked...

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Is it normal for a MSD distributor to look every so slightly tilted to one side when installed? It seats perfectly so I don't know how else it would go in without looking like this.
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Picture please??

Is your cap seated correctly?

Does everything function well?
Only looks slightly crooked when you are looking at directly in front with your eyes to cap level. Everything seems to be seated just fine. Sorry no pictures and no I haven't ran it yet. I'm customizing the wires, and much more, should have it ready to crank by next weekend!
Take a look at looks a bit crooked too, eh? *G*

Trust me when I say it in no way inhibits performance...hehehe

I think the wider cap exagerates the slight angle the distributor sits at.
my MSD dist sits the same way on my 351W. And also the same on my brother's 351C... just the way it is.
Thanks Jay, I think the tilt stands out a little more than the stock distributor because of its higher shaft.
A few ideas:

motor mounts are crooked

radiator/support is crooked/bent

air cleaner is crooked

pavement is crooked

eyes are crooked

head is crooked


...welcome to the VMF...

Seriously, did your old dist. look crooked? Everything else under the hood appear straight?
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Yes, mine sits tilted as well /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
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