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New Parts

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Well I went to Mustangs Unlimited today and picked up my new gas tank and trunk floors. I am a little worried about reproduction parts though. We've all had bad luck. I guess it will be easier to hide the potentially bad fit being that they are not going to be seen. But then again, they could fit like a glove.

Does anyone have any experience with the fit of the repro trunk floor or the repro 20 gal. gas tanks fit? I think someone said they replaced a 70 and it fit fine...I just can;t remember who it was.

69 Fastback 302 2v 3sp. trans.
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Well, no experience for a 69 tank, but my 66 16 gallon tank fit perfectly. All boltholes actually lined up. It was easy to put in and looked no different from the original. It looked and felt good, looking at the welds and edges etc.

Hope this helps you out.

First time rolling restoration, 66 289 nearing completion.
I used reproduction trunk parts from Mustangs unlimited on my `66 - fit fine.
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