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My BB project is now starting to progress. The big block tested clean. However, the motor which I bought about 3 years ago had been sitting for 20+ years. Therefore, the bad news some moisture pitting. But the good news the good old steel crank 1U A is being turned down to 50 x 10 to the 3rd power; which leaves me with one more correction over the years until it becomes extinct. The block is being turned up from 30 to 60 x 10 to 3rd power which also is with in spec I believe. The pistons are coming out of New Jersey. I understand from the speed shop we can achieve 10.5:1 compression with the RPM heads and intake.
Now the question. The transmission in the 67 is a RUG E2 (68 4 speed for 289 or 302) with a hurst shifter. How will it stand up to the HP of the big block 428? Actually there are three questions. The second being what bell housing is required to put the BB to that tranny I am assuming the present bell housing will not work is that correct. Thirdly I saw a bell housing site one of the VMF'ers had prepared some time ago but can not find it now (and I was not bright enough to bookmark it at that point.)
thanking all in advance for your feedback. P.S the bb is going in here ...(the 67)

p.s. Is there a site which clearly docements replacing a 289 with a 428? ::

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Let me see if I can help.
First, the transmission will work, but, won't take the horsepower of the big block...If you are going to use it, start looking for a replacement soon..Big blocks have a lot more torque than a stock small block.
Second, You need to find a standard shift bellhousing for your big block. The transmission should bolt up to the big block bellhousing.(See above recommendations)
Third: My swap to a 460 was more complicated than the FE swap, but, here is some of the stuff you will need to do.
1.Heavier front springs
2. Bigger radiator
3. All new exhaust
4. Find a big block 4 speed
5. Beefier rear end
6. Sub frame connectors
7. Monte Carlo brace
8. Export brace
9. Traction bars or some other type of traction controls
10. Every nut and bolt one size bigger on the whole car.....
This is just part of what I went thru, when I did the swap.
Hope this list helps...

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