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Back-Trac Security System© was developed by classic car enthusiast FOR classic car enthusiast!

Main Purpose
Is to stop thieves dead in their tracks. One thing a thief doesn't want to do, is spend more time than they have to trying to get your car started and gone! This system will kill power to the ignition and shut down the fuel system, all at the press of a remote, and the way we have it set up, it will be impossible to get around. We've also taken all the steps to make it as easy as possible for anyone to install. Each security system is pre-wired to where you have just 5 wires to hook-up, making it a simple process. This will work with any 12 volt system, and will work in conjunction with most other alarm systems.

Two 4-button extended range transmitters with dedicated buttons for lock, unlock, trunk release, and panic • On-board relays for door locks, and flashing parking lights • LED status indicator • Valet/override switch • Passenger unlock output • Trunk release output • Starter defeat output • Horn honk output • Dome light output • Programmable ignition controlled door locks • Programmable double unlock pulse • Programmable chirp delete • Programmable extended pulse door lock output • Programmable passive starter defeat.

Window roll-up module • Trunk release kit • Electric Door Lock kit

How this system came to be:
About a year a go, I had used my 67 Convertible to take the wife to a movie. During the movie I couldn't keep my mind off the 4 guys that were standing out at the corner of the theatre's parking lot looking kind of suspicious. Even though security was cruising the lot, I kept going out and checking up on the car throughout the movie. This didn't go over well with the wife, and I missed half of the movie. ::

The next day I started looking for a system I could install in the convertible, that would give me a little more piece of mind when I took the car out for a spin. I found a lot of stuff on the market, but didn't really see anything geared toward our classics, and most everything was just "bells & whistles", to scare a thief off, but not much to keep them from taking it. (move forward 5 months)

I started working for the Mustang Ranch in Fresno last December, and decided to use my newly found resources to develop an exceptional security system that is geared toward our beloved classics, and would be very difficult if not impossible to override, or bypass. 7 months later we came up with this;

Back Trac Security System© which far exceeded our expectations.

I have this same set up on my cars, so no more missing any movies!! ;)

Sale Price $129.95 (Reg. $149.95)
** (good through 08/03/2003)
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