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Hello and a pre thank you because I know you guys have all the answers. After my son pestered me for a few weeks, we went out searching for a mustang and settled on a 1966 2 dr coupe, straight six 200, 3 SPD Manny. I got it for him for graduation and we thought it would be a nice father son project as we are both New to working on cars. Seemed like a good idea at the time. I've done the basics throughout life with cars but now it's time to pony up and play with the big boys, not so much with a straight six, but you know what I mean. I am a retired Army SGT so I have some time to spend on the car. Immediate concerns and to do list.
New clutch
New steering box( I think, TONS of play)
Upgrade to dual bowl
Work out kinks with drum brakes
Upgrade distributor to an HEI ( I just put a new autolite 1100 on her and learned a little about spark valve and load o matic and vacuum)
It has factory air, not currently working
Clutch linkage zbar etc, bad or no bushings
But right now I need to learn how to adjust timing and idle. I couldn't turn my cap any farther counterclockwise it was already pegged when I loosened the bolt. I read some spacers or rubber washers go bad ,balancer? so a timing light probably won't help or be innacurate. So I read to turn the cap till the engine pings and slowly back it off till it just doesn't, then set my idle. Thoughts?
From dicking around with carb and cap I noticed a good rattle,seems like engine, but louder and more distinct midcar and further toward exhaust from underneath. any thoughts where to start on that? Any help is always appreciated and feel free to school me, I don't get offended too easily.

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Welcome to VMF ! I'm not as familiar with the 6 as I am the V8s so I will let the experts chime in, but congratulations on the car, I hope it is rust free or at least rust less. Sounds like you may have an exhaust leak under the bottom of the integral intake / exhaust. Perhaps just a gasket, maybe a crack in the cast iron, but the 6 is widely known for its durability with 7 main bearing caps and smooth-running longevity. Enjoy !

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Welcome to the forum! Sounds like a great project for you and your son.

Yep, lots of wise folks here to help you out. Your best bet with timing might be to go through the process of finding TDC then checking the timing marks on the least this is what I would do on a V8. As a temporary fix, I think you could even try rotating the plug wires one position...not sure if would be CW or CCW.

If the balancer has slipped, I have heard Damper Dudes does a great job of restoration.

For all things brake and steering related, resident expert forum member Chockostang is the go to for rebuilding and help....Dan & Carol are awesome to work with.

When seeking new parts for Mustang specific projects, do a search on here for vendors to form your own opinion. My go to is NPD...along with Virginia Classic Mustang, and West Coast Classic Cougar (mainly for used original parts).

By the way....everyone will be asking to see pics, so you might want to post em up now.
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