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65' Mustang, new owner needs help...
Hey Everyone. So this is my first post as a new member. My step dad Dave (dadawalters) told me about this forum and thought itd be great to be a part of. So first things first a little backround on myself.
Growing up my biological father is a drag racer. (had a 68 Camaro he ran in Super Gas for years, then a Super Comp Dragster, now a Dodge in Super Stock) and my Step Dad Dave build and SHOWED muscle cars. (hes had just about everything under the sun) So I was surrounded by cars my whole life. Unfortunately the TECH side never stuck. I always helped where I could, and ALWAYS had a LOVE for old cars, but working on them was never my talent, although Im really wanting to learn more and more as I get older.(music was my talent)

Anyways after moving for work to Southern California I decided it was a perfect time to finally buy and old mustang for myself. As pictured, I bought a 65 coupe, MOSTLY original and super clean overall. For $$$ purposes I went a car sporting a 200ci straight six, three speed. Fun to drive, easy on gas, and just a cool little cruiser. Problem being now, the engine needs a rebuild. Its burning oil, causing plugs to fail. And as expected with a 2 owner mostly original car, its never really been overhauled. Im more than happy to help do the work etc etc, but I currently dont have the space or the tools, or all the expertise to do the job. My hope is by posting on here I could get some referals or ideas on how to proceed.

I want nothing more than to dig in and get this thing running smooth.

Ideas? Comments?
Lets hear them...
ZaQ Zrust
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