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New to VMs, have some questions...

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Hello...I'm new here. My name is Slade...I feel like I'm starting kindergarten again...

Anyways...Here is what I have.

1965 Mustang Convertible
200 CID I6
3pd Manual
Dual Custom Exhaust

I'm not restoring the car for a collectors item. I happened to get a great deal on the car and now I'm going to make it the car that I want. I'm also not interested in keeping it all original. I want it to look close to original...but it isn't a requirement.

So...that may answer some of your questions about what I'm after. Here are my questions:

Will a T-5 manual transmission fit the 200CI engine? The reason I ask is that I plan to do a 289 upgrade within the next year or two. My 3spd is a little rough and the shifter linkages are extremely loose. I thought about doing the tranny swap first and then let my bank account recoupe before I go for the 289. Is that possible or am I going to have to do it all at once (or will it be significantly cheaper to do all at once). I do have access to a lot of mechanical equipment and I may be able to do the swap I'm not worried about shop costs.

I want to upgrade the dash. Mine is the straight speedo kind. I don't like not having gauges to monitor my engine though. I looked at going with a 5 or 6 gauge instrument panel for a 65 Mustang. Can a tachometer be hooked up to the 6 cylinder? I figured it can since they did make the rally pack for it with a tach. Is it hard to wire up?

My engine seems to be running on the rich side. I can smell significant gas from the exhaust with both idling and at highway speeds (I drove behind the car as it was being driven). I know some gas smell is expected...but mine seems a bit much. How can I safely adjust the fuel/air mix. I'm a bit wary of adjusting it because I know how my other car is extremely sensitive to it (Turbo) and needs an actual gauge to be able to adjust safely. What should I adjust...should I adjust...or should I just take it to a tuner and have them adjust it?\

Is the pointless distributor worth it?

I think that is the majority of my questions right now. Sorry if they seem simple but I am new to this type of car. The sheer fact that I can open the hood and see everything and get to it easily excites me. This is my first venture into classic cars. I've worked on tuning other Mustangs and European cars but really only have experience with EFI tuning...not Carbs.

Thank you in advance,


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Hi Slade. Welcome to THE Mustang place on the web...
Get yourself a National Parts Depot Mustang catalog.In my openion, they are the best supplier of Mustang parts. They show the t-5 transmission parts, and have listings for 6 cylinder parts. This might answer your questions about the swap...
They also show the dash swap...Have you seen the Shelby guage pod. It mounts on the dash pad, with a space for the tach and oil pressure, or water temp. guage...Looks good, and lots cheaper than the whole dash....
Sorry, don't know much about 6 cylinders, but, others will..
Good luck with your new pony.
Welcome Slade!

To help you get the information you need you might try using the search feature of the forum first. That helps to keep from repeating the same answers over and over. If you don't find what you are looking for in the archives, try limiting the scope of your post to just 1 or 2 questions at a time. You will usually get more and better responses that way.

The VMF is a great place to get the info you are looking for. Just slow down a bit and you will get all of your questions answered and plenty of free advice to go along with it.

Have fun and, again, welcome!
Regading the sloppy shifter, a cheap fix, until you do a trans swap, would be to replace the shot bushings. Just a thought.
Welcome Slade. and welcome to Mustangs 101. We're a little advanced for Kindergarten! I'd do the bushing repair on the shifter for now, and drive the new ride. the more you learn about all the mods available for the Mustang, the more you might start changing your mind about how you want to do something. Here's some things you might want to consider as you are learning more about the Mustang hobby.
The engine swap. 289 and 5 speed, good choice. But later after you really get into the hobby, you might want to go the 5.0 fuel injection route.
Suspension. your going to have to upgrade the suspension eventually with a bigger motor. You might opt for an original V-8 set up, or maybe the Granada Disk brake conversion, or as I'm planning on doing with the '66 conv. I'm about to acquire (also a I6) go with the Mustang II conversion from Rod & Custom Motorsports, or the soon to be released one from Fat Man Fabrications. Also, with this conversion the shock towers are removed, so a really big motor is possable! Your also going to have to change out the rear to a 5 lug 8 or 9 inch unit if you upgrade to the V-8.
As far as the gages go, NPD, as others mentioned. The one big piece of advise I could give is take your time. And enjoy it!
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It's allways cheaper to do everything right the first time. I've done soo many things twice that I could have restored two cars for the price of this one. I'd agree with the previous poster to put bushings in the current shifter.
Yes, a T-5 will go behind a 200. Check out

For the shifter try changing the bushings.

The 1100 carbs always seem to run rich. Click on my Inline Performance site below. I have some tuning tips under tech.
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