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1964 1/2 Convertible - 260 V8 C4 Automatic, Power Top, Console, 4 Wheel Drums
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Hello all.

This message is intended for people who are visiting us for the first time.

Welcome to the Chicago Vintage Mustang Club forum ! - hosted by the VMF.

This room is meant to be used to discuss local events, and general interest
topics that pertain to us in the Chicago area.

If you have a specific technical question about Mustangs that has nothing to
do with Chicago, please go to the Main Forum and ask about it there.

The Chicago area room was the first local forum set up on
back in early 2002 and has allowed us to get a local car club organized. This
also led to other regional areas setting up their own rooms too.

Please go to for more info on joining the club.
It is fun, informal, and FREE - so give it a shot!

Also, please read the FAQ I posted at this direct link:

Some general rules for the Chicago Forum:

Local for sale and wanted items are welcome.

Vendor praise is welcome.

Vendor ranting is allowed with the following requirement:

If you are going to warn people to stay away, or rant about a bad experience,
you must first try to remedy the situation on your own, and also include the
results of your attempt to remedy the situation in your message. Failure to
do this will probably get the thread deleted.

Also - want to know how to add pictures to your post? Check out
this link.

Thats about it! Enjoy!

-Jason Zimberoff (your local room moderator)
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Not open for further replies.