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Newbie?? How depressing!!

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I may not have made O.F. status, but last time I checked I had over 1000 posts on the old forum. I was hoping I'd get grandfathered past "newbie" on the new forum ;) Dickson

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The beauty of being a newbie is that you can ask really stupid questions and have an excuse.

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Nope, sorry! At least it's better than "stranger." It made me feel like a child molester or something of that nature. I think once you hit 30 or so you get upgraded to "Tire-Kicker" Then at 50 you're a "beginner." I think 100 is a "wrench turner but I'm not there yet.

Maybe today....

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Yes that sounds good grandfathering us in.
I had just past 700 and was looking forward to that 1K mark

Greg B
Hi Dix,
Be glad. I've got the same number of posts as you, and I'm still a stranger!

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Now I feel like I have to reply to find out what I am.

Looks like I'm a child molester too.

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I can't wait till what some of those names get after 100 and 200 posts... tire kicker I hear at 100? What's 1000? Lee Iacocca? :)

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I started out at newbie so just how do I get to be a stranger?

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I know what you mean, I was only 112 posts short of 2,000 on the old forum. At least I'm a stranger here (better than just being strange). *LOL*


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I clicked on User List, then sorted by # of posts. Shelbyparts has over 800 posts,and is listed as "old hand". I guess old fart is next...

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