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Hi all,

I'm a bit new to the Mustang thing and I have a few question about engine swaps. Can basically any carbuerated ford small block v8 from 65 to about 80 be dropped into say a 67-68 FB with no problems? I assume some things like motor mounts and exhaust manifolds might be different like if you took a motor out of say a Ford truck but would the stang motor mounts bolt right on? Any potential problems with taking an engine from a non-mustang vehichle or is it pretty common? Thanks in advance...


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Very common... You have the concept correct - You may have to replace motor mounts, manifolds, fan blade, pulleys etc but an 80's block will drop in no problem.. One thing to consider - If you have a choice, pick an engine after 1982 - that;s when Ford incorporated a one piece rear main oil seal.. Way better design that the split rear main seal.

You may have to replace the water pump, some of the 80's mustang engines (the way the belts ran) rotate opposite, thus the impeller will be different. Won;'t pump much water running the wrong way. Also, I think in the mid 70's the lower rad hose came into the water pump on the drivers side, unlike the vintage years where it came in on the pass side. Good luck!

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