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Just wondering how these title's are calculated...I've been coming to this forum for 2 years now, and wouldn't consider myself a newbie. I havn't been all that active in posting questions/answers, but enjoy coming to read the expert information.
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Based on the number of posts.

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It's based on number of posts. Too bad it wasn't based on how much time I spend on here, if it was I'd be a GENIUS or something better than a newbie. I don't post much but I sure do learn a lot and that's why I'm here.
Either you haven't been paying attention or this was the post that promoted you to your current title of tire-kicker, not newbie.

You become tire-kicker at 25 posts, I recently found out.
I liked being a "tire kicker", it at least it gave me a sense of doing something. Now I am a "beginner", sort of takes me off the dance floor again and makes me lean against the wall and watch everybody else. I wanna be something useful, like a "Mustang Dog" so I can chase Mustangs down and chew on their tires.


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I know what you mean...I thought I'd been demoted when I found I was a beginner. Then too, a qualitative yardstick would be nice but tough to implement. I understand bribery might work. *G*

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Whom do I bribe, and how much. I tried sending Bob a couple test pictures of my car and that didn't work.


Last year at Knott's, I'll get a better picture this year!
Thanks for the update. You're right. I checked my profile and that was # 25 for me. I've been promoted. I'M A TIRE-KICKER :)
That was funny. After sending Bob those test pictures you may be a beginner for life. :) You may even be demoted. :(

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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