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Newest engine reassembly pic's & a ?...

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Hello everybody! I'm "oh so close" to buttoning this particular project up and moving on to the next (suspension). I think I might have a problem: I ordered my concourse correct belts from NPD. The part numbers are C5AE-8620-U (NPD #: 8629-19) for the P/S belt w/o A/C, and C4TE-8620-S (NPD #: 8620-50) for the alternator belt w/o A/C. Can someone verify that these numbers are correct for a 66'. The NPD catalog says they are correct, but they are both a half pulley diameter too short to fit. I have both the alternator and the P/S pump slid to the closest position to the center pulley possible. I cannot see how the belts can be stretched to fit without doing serious damage to parts and brackets. Help!!

Anyway, here are the pics:

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Wow, that engine looks GREAT!
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