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Newest engine reassembly pic's & a ?...

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Hello everybody! I'm "oh so close" to buttoning this particular project up and moving on to the next (suspension). I think I might have a problem: I ordered my concourse correct belts from NPD. The part numbers are C5AE-8620-U (NPD #: 8629-19) for the P/S belt w/o A/C, and C4TE-8620-S (NPD #: 8620-50) for the alternator belt w/o A/C. Can someone verify that these numbers are correct for a 66'. The NPD catalog says they are correct, but they are both a half pulley diameter too short to fit. I have both the alternator and the P/S pump slid to the closest position to the center pulley possible. I cannot see how the belts can be stretched to fit without doing serious damage to parts and brackets. Help!!

Anyway, here are the pics:

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Awesome, Dude!

Your air cleaner/stud arel definitely going to add a beautiful nipple on the center of your hood!!!! Do not install the hood and close it, it will hit. I did this 11 years ago. You've got to shorten that air cleaner stud and get a small bolt/washer and it might fit!!!! That's why I bought the 3" reverse cowl hood, so I could install the Ford Motorsports Mustang air cleaner bolt!

Anyhow, here's my .02 on the belts. Go find you local NAPA store and get the ones that fit your car. NAPA's belts are lifetime guaranteed and your going to race your car with me at Willow Springs, etc., so who cares about concour correct! hehehe.

By the way, make sure to drive around without the hood installed for a little, in fact, why don't you lose the hood for Knott's!

Why don't you take the afternoon off, and get that puppy running! I know that we are your worst influence, we are just living up to our reputation!!!!! *G*

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