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Howdy all!

I have decided to just name Lombard as the meeting place again.

There were not very many responses to begin with as to the location,
and although a couple of people would like to have a meeting in the
northwest burbs, most of you who did reply said that Lombard would
be fine too.

Maybe this will help a few of you in the south suburbs too.

And besides - we had our best turnout yet at Lombard last month!

So here are the details:

Lombard Cruise Night
5th 3rd Bank Parking Lot
211 West St. Charles Road
Lombard, IL

Saturday July 13, 6-10 PM - but come early (like around 5) if you
want to be sure to get a spot near everyone else! Nothing is

This is a good cruise with lots of old cars and food, live music,

Hope to see you all there!

And as usual, please use the chat room on the VMF to talk about this.


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